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For years, Duke University and the Medical Center, has ranked among the best institutions in the country for students and patients as a top university and hospital with some of the best graduate programs. Now, Dukes name has been moving up on prestigious lists. The university, hospitals and clinics across North Carolina, employs more than 30,000 faculty and staff. However, Duke uses The “Drug-Free Workplace Act” and the “Drug-Free Schools which, coincide with there Campus Regulation policy. Within the passed few years, Duke Substance program has achieve there goals by providing assistance to employees and students who are in jeopardy of losing employment or opportunity for a promotion. Over the years, Duke has expanded the EPA …show more content…
The PAS staffs consist of licensed professionals that provide short to long terms counseling, and referrals to help resolve a range of personal, work, and family problems. PAS services are available free of charge to Duke Faculty and staff, and their immediate family members. In this alcohol program, the employee will receive treatment, assistant, plus monitoring and follow up services. Some of the treatment methods extend beyond the PAS center. By partnering with a community AA Alcohol Anomous groups can help the employee to a continuous alcohol free life style.
However, in comparison, the EPA program addresses any issues that hinder the work performance of any employee. EAP is a worksite-focused program designed to assist in the identification and resolution of productivity problems associated with personal problems, such as alcohol and/or drug abuse.(2) If design properly, a wellness programs can best address early alcohol problems if they adopt the “back door” approach by incorporating specific information about alcohol’s negative effects on other health condition (1). An EAP alcohol program addresses the short term and long term use of alcohol treatment. (2) Like EPA, Duke’s PAS Personal Assistant programs consist of guidelines with short and long term goals for the employee. Upon hire the EAP program representative
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