The Dunedin Public Art Gallery

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The Dunedin Public Art Gallery is currently showcasing the ‘Private Utopia’ exhibition. It holds 85 works by 25 artists of Contemporary Art from the British Council Collection. The exhibition displays artistic production from the last two decades, by artists who came to prominence in the mid-1990s and also emerging artists of the present. Such as Sarah Lucas, Cornelia Parker, Marcus Coates, Laura Lancaster, Tracey Emin, Roger Hiorns and many more. These artists contribute to the five threads that are presented in the exhibition. These practises include humour and the uncanny in the everyday, storytelling and narrative, identity and society, real and imagined landscapes and the appropriation of styles, subjects and ready-made materials. Overall the exhibition prevails a wide range of confronting and reflective themes. It shows the nature of Modern Art in Britain today and also includes aspects of music culture, social history and anthropology. Roger Hiorns prominently contributes to the themes showcased in the ‘Private Utopia’ exhibition and demonstrates the broadening definition of what art can be. Hiorns was born in 1975 in Birmingham, England and currently still lives there. He studied at University of London Goldsmiths College and Bourneville College of Art. He was also nominated for a Turner Prize in 2009. Hiorns is sculpture and instillation artist. His primary interest is to manipulate materials or to make them react in unexpected ways. By using materials he creates
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