The Dungeon Is The Heart Of My Empire

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It’s past 4:00AM when Black drops her off. “You know why I brought you to the dungeon?” Carmello asks turning the Benz off. Mya shakes her head no. “The dungeon is the heart of my empire. It’s the hive and those workers you saw is my busy bees making the honey that goes on the streets. I needed you to see my operation in the raw. Remember, I said I was molding you?” “Yeah.” “I want you to be with me long term, but I gotta be able to trust you with everything, even my life if it comes down to it.” Black was staring straight into Mya’s eyes with a serious intensity she never saw before. She listened to every word carefully. “I got another two to three years on top of this drug game. I’m gonna take what I learned from my old head Manny, god rest his soul. Realest nigga I ever met. He schooled me to the game early, gave me my first pack when I was fourteen. He was Spanish, Colombian and flashy, always had had fly cars and jewels. I was in the street running wild. My pops was dead and my mom ain’t have no back bone so I had to step up and become the man of the house. Manny owned a chop shop. He taught me how to drive and let me park the cars, even had me making little deliveries for 200.00 or 300.00 here and there, he even got me my first piece of pussy; bad lil bitch named Maria. I still remember her.” Mya throws Black a jealous frown. “When I was sixteen he taught me how to cook potent product, a certain recipe and the ingredients are mapped out in

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