The Duplicate Book Report

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Yes, The Duplicate has a theme which is David discovering his own personality. When David duplicated himself, he realized he was a bit stubborn and annoying. Duplicate A showed him how stubborn he was when he tried to make David stay in the watch tower. Another example would be when Duplicate A tried to make David stay home instead of go to school to see Angela. Those events showed him that he was very stubborn. David was exposed to how annoying he was when Duplicate A flipped the coin to see who would go to Angela's house. What Duplicate A did was when he flipped it and David called tails he sees that it is tails, so he flips it to heads on his arm to cheat the system so he can go to Angela’s house. Another example of him being annoying was when he did not tell him that he kissed Angela when he was at her house. 6. What is the significance of the book’s title? Provide evidence to support your answer. The title The Duplicate relates to the story because it is about David duplicating himself. Of which, he created Duplicate A who thought he was the original David. Then, Duplicate A duplicated himself to create Duplicate B.The whole…show more content…
The adventure is when David finds the Spee-Dee-Dupe on the beach. This was while walking trying to find out something to do about where to go Angela’s or his grandmother. Another example is when David and Duplicate A find an abandoned watchtower from World War Two. Conflict is exposed when David find out about Duplicate B’s personality. Conflict is shown when David enters the watch tower and a trapped door, made by Duplicate B, triggered a block of cement fall nearly missing David by an inch. Finally the comedy in this novel is revealed when Duplicate A says two days later, after David continually asked, that he kissed Angela. In addition when Duplicate A expects David to sleep in the abandoned watch tower that was completely
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