The Duppy Character Analysis

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The Duppy: It's a Woman's World
In Anthony Winkler's, The Duppy, sex at any time is depicted as being morally right and expected by women and in a way the characters main source of joy and happiness. This depiction of sex challenges a particular way of thinking because, the thought of sex in heaven challenges gender roles, because in heaven the woman are the ones who control the sexual world. The thought of sex in heaven is a difficult concept to grasp when it comes to a religious sense. Circumstances such as heaven is religious ideal and men usually are the typical gender that sparks the whole idea, make it challenging when looking at alternative ways of thinking.
One of the main characters, Mr. Teddeus Baps, is one of several men affected by this dynamic change. He has died and is on a journey to the afterlife. On earth, Mr. Baps constantly has sexual thoughts and occasionally sexual interactions with the women he would employ. He has “grind only five maids who worked for [him], and [he] fire only one for saying no” (23). When Mr.Baps made it into heaven he has had several interesting encounters with women including Miss B the book keeper. Miss B is the first woman that has forced a grind on him and at that moment Mr. Baps realizes he is no longer in charge of his sexuality, “want it or not” (53) he was going to receive a grind from Miss B. Miss B and Mr. Baps eventually became some form of a couple or receiving a regular grinding from each other until eventually Miss B. got reincarnated to earth again. Once Miss B practically disappeared into the bed, we never really see Mr. Baps have any other encounters with other women. His joy and pride came from running shop.
Mr. Baps was not the only man subjected to the womanistic sexual power, it is all men. In fact “in heaven man don’t done until woman say so” (53). No man has a say his in his own sexual power if a women wants to give a man a “grind” she can do so and it is not seen as wrong and improper in society, it is natural and expected. This logic and concept is strange to Mr. Baps, however he begins to indulge in this concept of the women have the power and he eventually begins to enjoy what goes on in heaven. However it took him having his encounter

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