The Duranian Case: An Ethical Dilemma Case

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1. In the case of Mrs. S, after losing consciousness from the overwhelming medication, she is now considered an incompetent patient, someone who cannot make decisions on their own due to lack of competency. In view of the fact that she is unconscious, she is in need of an advance directive, treatment rather than a proxy. With this, her son, assuming her husband is deceased, now has to make life changing choices for her because he next in the chain of surrogacy. Although she has previously declined advanced treatment, her son can now make any decision he wants. By following her wishes, she would follow God’s will for her life and die within a two-week period, but the son does not want to let go of his mother yet, which would result in amputating…show more content…
This case can be compared to that of Quinlan in 1976. The patient or the surrogate is now able to reject treatment even if is the only thing to save their life. It is frowned upon by numerous people, but it ultimately gives the patient the autonomy they deserve as a human being and put a stop to their suffering on earth. Mrs. S was able to decline surgery considering she believed this was God’s will for her and although her doctors and son were not in favor of this decision, the doctors still respected her freedom to choose. Along with this, the Duran case can be brought into this discussion in view of the fact that of the idea of a proxy versus the chain of surrogacy. In the Duran case, the patient had a proxy of the same religion to ensure nothing would be done to conflict with her beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness. After problems stemmed from medical issues, the husband demands the doctor give a blood transfusion, against her religion and the proxy’s authority. Applying this to Mrs. S’s case, the patient had strict rules and regulations as to what they want to happen in lieu of these events. Both the husband in the Duran case and the son in Mrs. S’s case, both do not agree with the patient’s wishes and want to change
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