The During Battle And The War Wars

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From the beginning of time, war has been used to conquer lands, establish order, enforce rules and settle disagreements. Over time, war tactics have progressed and become more organized and efficient in accomplishing the goal of defeating the enemy. There are thousands of advances in strategies used during battle and the war wars are fought are have constantly changed. Looking back to when organized war truly began many distinct, and commonly used, improvements can be seen. Such as, chariots, hoplites, phalanxes, war elephants, and siege engines. Humans have always been fascinated with speed and are constantly seeking ways to move faster. The invention of the wheel gave birth to practical forms of transportation. Once the chariot became a common tool, it was discovered that these could be very helpful during battle as well. Chariots enhanced battle strategy by attacking quickly and efficiently along with the ability to quickly retreat if needed. Civilizations that made use of these chariots were much stronger and more capable of applying force in battle. The Indo-Europeans, specifically a group called the Indo-Iranians first made use of the chariot’s full potential by combining them with their expertise in using composite bow. These war chariots were light and fragile being that they sacrificed sturdiness and protection for the speed and agility that comes with being lightweight. The chariots were just over four feet wide with a large spoked wheel on each side.…
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