The During Battle And The War Wars

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From the beginning of time, war has been used to conquer lands, establish order, enforce rules and settle disagreements. Over time, war tactics have progressed and become more organized and efficient in accomplishing the goal of defeating the enemy. There are thousands of advances in strategies used during battle and the war wars are fought are have constantly changed. Looking back to when organized war truly began many distinct, and commonly used, improvements can be seen. Such as, chariots, hoplites, phalanxes, war elephants, and siege engines. Humans have always been fascinated with speed and are constantly seeking ways to move faster. The invention of the wheel gave birth to practical forms of transportation. Once the chariot…show more content…
The walls of the chariot, or the “box,” were generally leather with a lightweight wooden frame. Within the box were two men, a driver and a warrior. Projecting from the chariot was a long pole angled upward and attached to a yoke , which was mounted on the horses’ backs. At first there were two horses pulling each chariot, it is believed later on the setup was changed to fit four horses. On the right side of the chariot, the driver’s job was to control the horses and to get the warrior in the best position to make his attacks. His attacks could be made with a bow and arrow, spear, mace, sword or dagger, however the bow was normally a prime choice for the average warrior. A typical warrior riding into battle was in full armor and ready to defend his chariot at all costs. The use of chariots spread very quickly as their effectiveness was easily recognizable. The Shang of China adopted the concept of chariots and modified them to fit three men. These three men were made up of a driver, a warrior and his servant whose role was to replenish his arrows and have weapons ready for his use at all times. In the Chinese culture, the chariots were used as a way to jump into a new social class as well. Horses were so rare to own and expensive to acquire that only the few who were wealthy enough to buy horses were able to be noble
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