The During The Era Of Good Feeling, While Westward Expansion

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During the Era of Good Feeling, while westward expansion was booming, a sense of unity and nationalism emerged as a result of the post-war reconstruction period as well as the decline of the federalist party; however, the Panic of 1819 caused a severe economic depression making this period not an Era of Good Feelings. Although the one party system was somewhat beneficial during the Era of Good Feelings, creating a false sense of political unity between the people, poor economic decisions lead to a depression. Sectionalism also increased between the northern and southern states over slavery, adding to political tensions between states and the federal government.
The Era of Good Feelings was an era of so called political unity, ushered in
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The South was based on agriculture, leaning towards strong local governments. The North was heavily influenced by Henry Clay’s American System, accompanied with large scale industrialization and cities. The most distinctive political difference between the northern and southern states was their view on slavery. The southern states found slaves a necessity in order to have a labour force to operated the cotton gins in the plantations; however, the northern states opposed the use of slaves due to their morales. This sectionalism caused a division among American citizens, affecting the government’s ability to unite the two political ideologies. To attempt to satisfy the demands of both the North and South, the Missouri Compromise of 1820 was created to resolve issues of slavery in newer western states. This compromise brought upon the 36-30 Parallel Line, a geographical line that split the North and South, depicting the contrasting political and societal views and increasing sectionalism (F). This power struggle between states and the federal government only caused unrest, resulting in no further beneficial reforms or rulings, causing the Era of Good Feelings to not hold true to its name.
During the Era of Good Feelings, a period of political separatism emerged despite the existence of a one party system. Although the Federalist Party disappeared in 1817 at the Hartford

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