The During The Mid 20th Century

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One of the major questions that arises when viewing the spate of transformation that started during the mid 20th century is: how can the history of the mid 1900s be construed in one, single, wholly encompassing idea? The past 70 years since the end of World War II have seen momentous changes to numerous countries all around the world. Each country have experienced developments, both negative and positive, to the social, political, and economic state of themselves. The history of the later twentieth century can be defined with the idea of reformation. These reforms are most prominent in the political, economic, and social states of a nation. The history of the time period following World War II can be defined using the concept of political…show more content…
However, with the major reform that allowed India to become an independent nation, they would be beholden to no one but themselves-they would be able to choose their own laws and ways of life, regulate their own taxes, and run the country in any way they saw to be beneficial for themselves, instead of having Britain rule the country with the main goal of profiting off of India, not caring for the people or the colony. India could now be a democracy that could choose their own leaders with an interest in making India a better place, a major change compared to the leaders that had been chosen by the British for the past 90 years. Additionally, India had a new constitution that introduced new laws that were created to benefit the people of India, not the economy of the British Empire. Overall, one idea that can be used to define the later 20th century is political reform. The history of the latter 20th century can also be defined through economic reform. To begin, one country, or in this case, union of countries, that joined the flurry of reformation post-World War II, was the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). The USSR, or Soviet Union, was made up of a multitude of communist countries, the strongest of which was Russia. The Soviet Union went through a myriad of economic and political reforms because of ¨Perestroika.¨ Perestroika was a movement for political
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