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During the time in which Rome existed in the Middle Ages it accumulated an abundant amount of land and wealth. The way that Rome accomplished this was by defeating the peoples that ruled the land they wanted and incorporating them into their ever expanding empire. The reason the Romans were so successful at doing this is because of their technological advances, logistical capabilities, and ability to implement strategy efficiently and safely. These when put together allow an army during the Middle ages to deploy consistently with high moral and low mortality. Romans dominated the battlefield in almost every battle they fought during their 507 year reign, holding off barbarians breaking down walls and holding the line in every battle they…show more content…
Their strategy allowed the Romans to effectively turtle through enemies, however when this was not possible the Romans utilized strategies like the wedge in which a group of Romans rush at one point in a wedge shape towards the defending enemies pressing through the lines and separating the enemy formation dividing and conquering the enemy. This tactic was used against the Persians by Alexander the Great back when the Greeks ruled most of the western world. With these things considered Rome was by far the most strategic empire during combat. Roman weaponry alike their legions were a collection of tools that Romans have refined continuously making them more and more effective. Even though Romans had weapons they created on their own, many of the weapons in their arsenal were adopted from previous foes and refined to make them more effective. A good example of this is the Gladius, a common sword among roman legions almost every person had one was actually a sword from Spain that the Romans found powerful. Other weapons that the Romans took in include the pilum, javelin, ballista, crossbow, and hasta. Some strategies the Romans used were inspired by the strategies of fallen enemies that the commander had seen and could implement correctly. The Idea of the legion itself was originally Greek the Greek hoplites were technically the first part of a legion and when the Romans expanded on it creating the legion it

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