The During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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The eighteenth century brought great transitional change, as America dealt with government conflicts, the War of 1812, and the political elections which brought Andrew Jackson to national prominence. In the midst of these happenings, significant changes arose for the women in the eighteenth century, as they appealed to create differences in their status and lives. Equality is considered as a given right, but this was not always the case in history. The conventional organization of the family was considered as men expected to make their living in the competitive world of the marketplace, while women took care of their children in the sheltered environment of the home. Even prior to the eighteenth century, women did not obtain much freedom, as society was ruled with a patriarchal mindset. Whether it was in politics, church governance, or simply hierarchical status, men were always categorized above women. “Men viewed women with distrust, perhaps intuiting the impossible polarity this would create in their lives, and that it would ask decisions of them which they could not imagine taking.” This leads to the posed questions: Why were women initially closed off from having independent rights? How did women combat against these limited obligations and expand their status? Changes and implications were clearly made by women to declare their existence and importance in society. Breaking free from the conventional male dominated society, women assembled together to endorse changes
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