The During The Reign Of Henry Viii

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During the reign of Henry VIII, England had witnessed the most dramatic enforcement of the power of the king. The events leading up to the English Reformation were the catalyst for major changes with the political and religious power of the king that would be carried on throughout English history. The problems that the Medieval English Church faced were some of the major reasons why the reformation took place.Even though there were external factors that influenced the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, many of the internal problems that the Medieval church faced helped shape the mindset of the English people to want reform. Since a great portion of English society was based around the church, the ongoing conflict between the church and the king,anti-clericalism , and internal problems within the Catholic Church played a major role in the onset of the English Reformation. One of the first major problems that the church faced was the Great Schism. From 1387 to 1417, three men were considered to be the pope, which had never happened in Catholic history before. In 1305, the papacy was moved to Avignon, France and began taxing bishops and cardinals, and the bishops and cardinals taxed the priests, who in turn demanded money from churchgoers. The reason why they were being taxed was because the papacy was no longer center in Rome. The Avignon papacy developed a reputation for corruption and greed, which caused for there to be a need for the Pope
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