The Dust Bowl During The Great Plains Region

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The dust bowl was a devastating time in the United States history that occurred during the 1930s, caused by atypically high temperatures, perpetual drought and new farming methods. Vigorous winds disturbed the topsoil, resulting in overwhelming dust storms which destroyed an immense amount of farms, in upwards of 100,000. These storms devastated the source of income for the farmers affected. The dust bowl was located in the Great Plains region, which includes the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Northern Texas. Thousands of workers were faced with an impasse, become a laborer, doing mindless work for miniscule wages, or move away and search for better work. (San José State University) The people brought to these decisions that chose to…show more content…
The mother could have effortlessly pawned off her ring, and gotten a few decent meals, or even a new pair of clothes out of it, however she chose not to. She would rather work so hard that she doesn’t even have time to tell her son not to eat the dirt, or even have time to care for herself. The mother’s hair is unkempt, and her tired eyes tell that she hasn’t slept well in a long time, but she would rather provide for her family than herself. She is trying her best and working towards a better future. Though they are in the middle of nowhere, the ring means that they are still together. The ring is a beacon through the storm, a symbol of what was, and hope for what will be. Lange intended for the viewer to apprehend how vital family was for the migrant workers.
In this image, Lange is also trying to demonstrate that children were still able to be children, and were still innocent, through all of the turmoil. Although the mother knows that she has security in her family, she still feels guilt, anger, and regret. The mother was forced to uproot her family and trek across the country just to find work, and that does not happen without bitter feelings being formed. On the other hand, her baby has been through these same events, but he remains unscathed, and innocent. He does not have one worry, he is only concerned about the dirt that he is

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