The Dust Bowl Of The Great West

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Lucia Martinez

Professor Kim Wombles

English 1302

September 21, 2015

The Dust Bowl

Imagine a great wall closing in on you with nowhere to run. Imagine sweeping a floor of sand that will never go away. Imagine having a terrible cough that leaves your throat irritated and raw to the point where you are coughing up blood. Imagine the disappointment of realizing a possible rain cloud is really a wall of dust rushing your way. For people living in the Midwest during the 1930s this was not the conjuring of imagination but a reality. “Decade long natural catastrophe of biblical proportions… when plagues of grasshoppers and swarms of rabbits descended on parched fields,” (Burns, “The Dust Bowl”). What seemed like the extinction of the great west turned into a new chapter in American history depicting the continuance of the American dream and the emergence of the hardship that was the Dust Bowl, a momentous tragedy.

Before the tragedy of the Dust Bowl life in America was prosperous. In 1919 the Great War had just ended and America reached an economic high. America had made its money by supplying the allies with weapons, food, vehicles, and For the first time nation wide the possibility of buying things on credit was a reality, the prohibition era brought with it the mobster era with underground speakeasies, woman were cutting their hair in very short lengths and were expressing themselves more openingly than they had in years, the commonwealth was buying stocks…

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