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Duties of a NCO As a Non Commissioned Officers we need to seek what is best for our soldiers. It is our duty to guide them through this Army process. How are we going to do this? By maintaining discipline, training soldiers and ensuring welfare. Maintaining discipline, by ensuring that the soldiers are doing the right thing on and off duty like when we are in the motor pool and you see soldier not helping others to accomplish the assigned task. Ensure Preventive Maintenance Checks and Service are conducted by the book and ensuring that if they find a discrepancy to annotate in 5988’s. We need to be more creative and find some other ways to keep them busy. Inspecting their rooms and making sure they are living like people and not…show more content…
I need help myself. I know that we have soldiers that cannot learn by reading a book, we need hands on training. We need to get maps out of the supply cage, dust them off, conduct some map reading and map recon etc. Teach them on how to disassemble all weapon system that a Scout uses: 25mm, 249, 240c, and 9mm to mention some. Conducting some route recon here on camp not everyone knows the type of formation or hand signals of movement and how to cover and conceal ourselves. Sgt’s time is not enough time for a soldier to retain what he learned that day if we not touch it again until when ever. Non Commissioned Officers need to make sure that we keep our Joes in shape and within weight standards. If it means to perform physical training twice a day unit the soldiers creates a habit and he can do it on his own. Troop welfare, I think this very important. These couple of days have being crazy. Pushing our soldiers to the limit (some of them) and not giving them the reward that they deserved it is not fair. I understand that we need to get mission accomplish and it is getting done but the soldiers feel that nobody is listening to them. Soldiers make our life easier by performing well on their daily tasks but they are just tired, they need a break. It looks like recruiting the more you give the more they want and if you fail one time you suck. It is hard for us to keep them

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