The Dynamic Healthcare System Prompts Health Institutions

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The dynamic healthcare system prompts health institutions to source an all-around registered nurse. Nurses play a greater role in improving the patients experience and population health and lowering the cost of care. They are charting new paths in developing fields such as informatics, telehealth, genetics, and genomics and as scientist and leaders in the community that are essential to the practice. In finding answers on what potential employers in the field require, I sought the assistance of a human resource manager in Juravinski hospital. Drawing on both the literature and experience, she infers that though emphasis should be on clinical training in multiple settings potential employer must also weigh both interpersonal skill and professionalism. The education qualification is an essential factor when sourcing for a nurse. Nurses assist in treating patients in healthcare facilities. Therefore, they require intensive training not only to manage care but also respond to the technical aspect of treatment such as interpreting lab results, and prescriptions. After assessing qualifications for the high school diploma, the employer has a range of educational options to select (American Nurses Association, 2010). For example, they choose from licensed practical nurses or registered nurses. Nonetheless, the candidates can possess either an associate or bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, for the candidates to have a competitive edge they require a state license acquired after a
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