The Dynamics of Brice Family

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Brice Family Dynamics

Presenting Problems Overall, the Brice family has some clear issues that are causing stress for everyone, including their adolescent daughter Claudia. The family did not believe in the power of family therapy, yet they had little places to turn to in response to Claudia's growing anger problems. They had tried therapy before, but to no avail. We are introduced to their problems both from a description of the anger between each other and their own explanations of what is going on. Their son Don is absent, both literally and figuratively, showing how he tends to avoid the overall family struggles. Claudia's role in the family dynamic was described early on by her mother, yet this explanation was done in a very isolating way for Claudia. Her mother explained her "strange" ideas, but that only invoked a strong and angry reaction from Claudia herself. In fact, the two seemed to feed off one another in terms of their anger. It is clear that the main issues were a discrepancy between what Claudia wanted her life to be like and the heightened rules and expectations her family was imposing on her. Mother and daughter continuously engaged in fighting, clearly not seeing each others point of view, but too caught up in their own emotional reactions regarding the situation. The fact that Don wasn't present just put more highlight on Claudia, and showed how the family viewed her as the problem, not taking responsibility for it themselves. This was felt by

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