The Dynamics of Military Revolution

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Outline Introduction Set-up - Warfare is constantly changing, for the tools of war are always evolving, as do the societies that wage war. Between 1400 and 1918, western warfare went through four periods that saw such profound change that it can fairly be said that a "military revolution" occurred. According to historians MacGregor Knox and Williamson Murray, military revolutions "fundamentally change the framework of war" and "recast society and the state as well as military organizations." While all of the military revolutions studied in H100 were important in the evolution of warfare, one clearly stimulated greater change than the others. Thesis - The First World War stimulated the greatest changes in warfare because it brought about new technology, saw improved infrastructure and communication and set the pattern for twentieth century warfare. Body Relationship of new technology Topic Sentence The First World War brought about new technology Evidence The First World War built on the first military revolution of the 17th Century Tactical Reforms by Dutch, Swedish and French Organizational reforms and naval revolution of the French Military reforms of the French after the Seven Years' War Financial Revolution of the British The First World War built on the second military revolution of the 18th Century The French Revolution national mobilization politically and economically and Napoleonic warfare, including utter destruction of the opposition
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