The Dynamite

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During the industrial revolution, many amazing inventions arose and because of them the world changed. Some of these inventions affected the world in a positive way and solved many problems. Yet other inventions were the cause of misery to the entire human kind. What about an invention that caused both joy and misery? It’s an invention that affects our world until this day. This invention is the Dynamite. Let me first introduce you to the inventor of the dynamite. The dynamite was invented by Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel in 1866. Let me now tell you how this dynamite affected the industrial era. It was created so it can be used in construction, mining and demolition. It was used to carve in the mountains in order to create railroads and…show more content…
If you would compare the number of deaths in war before and after the dynamite, you would be amazed. People then were sure that the country that had the dynamite was probably going to be the strongest. European countries started competing in creating the dynamite and started selling it world-wide. You might say that this was a positive impact but because people at that time didn’t quite understand the dynamite that this trade usually ended in death. Because shipping dynamite at that time wasn’t safe, many catastrophes happened. For example, a shipment route to California blew up in Panama, killing 60 and causing a half-million dollars in damage. Nobel's own dynamite factory in Hamburg, Germany, blew up leaving nothing but a shattered foundation and killing his brother. Later in WW1 the dynamite became one of the popular weapons in used. Because of this dynamite, thousands lost their lives, thousands lost their homes and millions lost their loved ones. It turned Earth into a living hell. You might say that there were other weapons used but the creation of the dynamite affected people psychologically. They started seeing an invention that can shatter a whole building in seconds which led to the rising of aggression inside people. All these negative effects and we still didn’t talk about the environment. The dynamite caused many negative impacts on the environment and the health of people. It first starts with pollution and ends up with
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