The Dysfunctional Relationship Of John And Sarah

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Introduction This case study will discuss the dysfunctional relationship of John and Sarah. By having a hypothesis in place and using the family systems theory concept further applying circular questioning to test the hypothesis will help determine where the issues started in their relationship (Burnham & Harris, 1992). The use of the genogram will be discussed and identification of behavioural patterns passed down from generations will be explored. Moreover John and Sarah’s strengths and challenges are identified further testing the hypothesis. Finally, a summary will of the strategies and implemented to improve and reconcile their marriage will be discussed. Hypothesis Sarah and John relationship issues have resulted in separation stemming from lack of communication, anxiety, isolation and disconnection resulting in a dysfunctional marriage. Their lack of interaction with each other and being unaware of the associated feeling and behaviours has contributed to their marriage breakdown. John feels Sarah does not pay attention to him since the kids were born. Sarah finds John irresponsible, and that she needs to look after paying the bills otherwise it would not get done. Another hypothesis is Sarah’s experience of unnatural death by her father, Max who committed suicide. Sarah was devasted and this may have an impact on her. The system theory framework is designed to understand human behaviour in a family or a relationship context as a whole. By viewing each family

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