The Dyson ' Air Multiplier Essay

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1. The Dyson’ Air Multiplier
1.1. Introduction
In October 2009, the british designer and innovator, Sir James Dyson -best known for his line of vacuum cleaners with cyclone technology- launched a new product onto the market, a desktop fan called the Dyson Air Multiplier, (Financial Times, 2009). This report gives a short description of this innovation and explains in what way it is innovative. Next, its position in the product/service/system spectrum will be explained and finally the potential for the widespread diffusion of this innovation will be discussed.
1.2. A short description of the innovation, and its innovative aspects
The first electric fan was invented by wheeler in 1886, consisting of two blades, without the protective cage, run by an electric motor (Carmack, 2009). Over the years, with the advancement in technology, fans have become much lighter, safer, and more efficient. However, even though there are many styles and sizes to choose from, the product’s architecture has not changed significantly (figure 1 and 2 ).

According to James Dyson, the problem with design as such is that the fan chops the air and produce an uneven air flow, causing buffeting which people usually do not find pleasant; in addition, conventional fans are unsafe for young children and difficult to clean (Etherington, 2009). Unsatisfied with these flaws, along with the inspiration from another of his innovations, the Airblade hand dryer, Dyson created the Air

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