The Dystopian Concept Of Beholder And Watchdog2 By George Orwell

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3. Orwell: A society without privacy In order to analyse deeply about the dystopian concept in Beholder and Watchdog2, here is another example game named Orwell, which basically express same dystopian thoughts as Watchdogs series. It released on 20th October 2016, which developed by a German group named Osmotic Studios. The game idea was directly encouraged by a surveillance program named PRISM which disclosure by a Central Intelligence Agency employee Edward Snowden in 2014. His PowerPoint slides showed that the United States National Security Agency collected internet communications’ information from nine internet companies through this program since 2007 (Gellman & Poitras, 2013), the range is not limited to the United States but…show more content…
Even if this Orwell system looks so terrible, however the original intention of creating this system was good. With players’ exploring of the game and collecting the information that drawn from textual clues, they will know the truth and history of this surveillance system. The creator of Orwell set two human elements position to achieve mutual constraint and also aim to restrict Orwell’s power. One element is investigator, which is the role of players, they only can investigate all the personal information, personal accounts and electronic equipment of target persons, and then select the suspicious information to submit. Another element is advisor who is a government insider and cannot get any information of target person. They only know some key information that submitted by investigator and they will speculate to track down a criminal by analyzing these information. But actually this ‘mutual constraint’ cannot get to the expected effect. Because investigator only can investigate target person who is recognized as potential danger, however it is hard to define ‘potential’. Finally more and more person added to the target list, Orwell become to a surveillance network which spy on every citizen. Turning now to the question of the connection between game and dystopian thoughts. Dystopian thoughts are parts of game narrative, according to Jenkins’ game narrative concept (2004), games create a precondition for an immersive narrative experience by

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