The Dystopian Hero : Mr. Cecil

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Mr. Cecil Gaines is a heroic black man who faced many encounters throughout his lifetime. Cecil parents were murdered by their slave owners which left him to be responsible for himself at a young immature age. He wanted to demonstrate that he was capable of handling and conducting himself in front of others with the utmost respect. Cecil illustrates an inaudible voice that could kindle a revolution. Even though Cecil own personal family experience misfortune of their own, Cecil was able to witness the history of the civil rights movement over several years while serving as a butler in the white house. Because of the racial uproar Mr. Cecil Gaines endured as an Afro American man, he is a character who presents himself as a dystopian hero.…show more content…
His youngest son Charlie enlisted in the military. Cecil, a homeotic hero who encounters challenges with his son who has a very defiant behavior, a son who loves life and want to explore, and a wife who abuses alcohol and drugs. Consequently, Cecil preserves his dignity and respect to strive for perfection as a butler in the white house and wants to move up to a higher position even though he faces defeat in the work place and at home.

Cecil serves his time employed in the white house to some of the most racist presidents during the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movements, and other major events that took place during his time there. His visual appearance was very vital during these times in order to keep his job and he always strived to be the greatest amongst his colleagues. In the following scene, Cecil shows how respectful he is prior to being offered the job as a pantry helper in the white house.
1957 - Washington DC]
Cecil Gaines: [voice over] I took that job in Washington. It was the most beautiful hotel I 'd ever seen.
[we see an adult Cecil standing inside the lobby of the hotel holding a tray of drinks when a white couple walk up to him]
Cecil Gaines: I hope it wasn 't too presumptuous of me to have prepared a few spirits after your long journey here from Buffalo.
[the couple look pleased and take their drinks; Cecil then walks into the bar to serve some white men talking about African Americans being integrated into

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