The Dystopian Novel By Margaret Atwood

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The dystopian novel written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, is a twisting futuristic forecast of what a religious intolerant society is leading itself into with a totalitarian government with traditional Old Testament values, who do not see women as anything more than vessels to continue the human population. This story spins from a government takeover to the oppression of women under the rule of the new theocratic government known as The Republic of Gilead, whose agenda was to reclaim the dying race and stop the spread of porn, the illegal prostitution spreading diseases and environment effects of war that caused a widespread infertility, by reducing women’s freedoms and placed them in re-education centers to teach them their new purpose in society. In an effort to keep mankind alive and in existence The Republic of Gilead began putting women in a Biblical role in society as they are being used for only their fertility, just as Rachel gave Leah to Jacob, in order to repopulate society after environmental destructions and disease left many people sterile. With many restrictions except shopping, women are given a place in a home with a wealthy couple, in order for that family bloodline to continue. They are there for only one purpose and that purpose is to serve the rich couple labeled as the Commander and his wife, in a ritual ceremony once a month during her highest fertility. Many of the women were divided into categories based on the Bible, such as the wives,
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