The Dystopian Novel Of Literature

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Out of the many genres of writing that authors can use, one stands above the rest in terms of sending a message. This genre can warn the people of a dark future to come, and make the general population aware of large problems that need to be fixed. This genre of course is the Dystopian one. Every single dystopian piece of literature is not just a book with a lesson in it, but a warning. Almost all dystopian books pick at flaws that the author has seen in their society, and the book just is an alternate universe in some sorts where those flaws were never fixed. And of course with these dystopian books their needs to be a concrete style to go with them. Most of these books have usually one of two different styles. Either dark and gloomy to the point out how flawed the society is and the horrible state that people have to live in, or have an overly positive and ‘perfect’ described society where people are brainwashed into thinking everything is just fine, but it is quite in fact the opposite. And the most part important of all dystopian literature is their social commentary (however other genres can also have strong social commentary). This social commentary is the central core of any dystopian book, because as said before authors of these books want to point out problems in their society to give the people an ability to recognize these problems and fix them. When a Dystopian element is mixed with this social commentary and given a solid writing style, it can really point out…
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