The Dystopian Society Of The Novel ' 1984 '

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Every country has some type of government that facilitates its citizens. Citizens are taught to trust these high ranking officials, but can we really? The novel 1984 warns readers of what could happen if people mindlessly follow their leaders without knowing the entire situation. The dystopian society in the book, Oceania, is supposed to portray our country. They have a totalitarian government where they all worship this public figure called Big Brother, and their whole country is revolved around the war that they partake in. The outside party is the lower ranked citizens, and the Proles are the other 85% of the population who are not considered as people according to the government. But both are obligated to agree with whatever the Party (the government) says. And also because the Party is their only source of information, they only get the Party’s point of view, such as on history, news, people, etc. In addition, anything dealing with free thought is banned in spite of rebelling against the Party. This subsequently causes mass propaganda in the country of Oceania, in order to maintain their image that the Party is infallible and the best place to be. Similarly in the United States, there are multiple accounts of hypocrisy and propaganda regarding the War on terror. Terrorism attacks are all over the media and one of the most devastating news to hear about. There always seem to be a good side and a bad side when watching or listening to the news on terrorism. However, we
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