The Dystopian Society Of The United States

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In what country does the most democratic society exist? In today’s world, the United States is the well-known example. The democracy in the United States makes it possible to secure one’s economic freedom without government interruption, alternatively termed capitalism. In modern world, the contemporary take on capitalism is consumerism. Ironically, given that capitalism is part of democracy, it is not equally distributed. The presence of social class separates one consumer from another and restricts one’s ability to purchase his or her want. Even with this constraint, consumerism is widely practiced right in democracy. Although the consequences of practicing consumerism are not apparent to everyone, Aldous Huxley discloses the detrimental impact of consumerism in society. He depicts two fictional societies in his works: the dystopian society of the World State in the Brave New World and the utopian society of Pala in Island. In both works, Huxley warns the readers about the influence of consumerism by illustrating its usage in manipulating individual thoughts in the World State and its function in bringing materialism to Pala. In Brave New World, the World State exhorts consumerism in order to maintain the society stable. and Island, Huxley draws comparisons between the two Utopian societies, Pala and the World State, and the real world. These comparisons are exhibited through explanations of each society’s characters. All the characters except the protagonist Bernard

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