The Dystopian Society in George Orwell's Novel 1984 Essay

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“WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.” Part 1,Chapter 1,pg. 6. These three principles were repeatedly emphasized throughout the book and helped lay the foundation of the dystopian society George Orwell imagined in his novel 1984. Fear, manipulation, and control were all encompassed throughout this dystopian society set in the distant future. The freedom to express ones thoughts was no longer acceptable and would not be tolerated under any circumstances. Humankind was rapidly transforming into a corrupt and evil state of mind. Even though many of Orwell’s ideas in his novel 1984 seemed completely fictional, several of the concepts throughout his book have a common link to today’s society. For instance in the same way…show more content…
Another similarity between the book 1984 and our society today is the process of doublethink, which is defined as the power to accept two completely contradictory beliefs. In the novel 1984, O’brien wants Winston to believe that 2+2=5, but Winston is resistant and in his mind knows that 2+2=4. In the same way, elementary students are being taught that Christopher Columbus was a hero, but as we learn later on, there is more to the truth than what we were being told. To some extent, today’s society resembles the disturbing world of 1984. Our generation should not repeat the same mistakes as the past, but learn from them. George Orwell used quite a bit of symbolism in his novel 1984 to convey to the reader a deeper understanding of the stories context. For example, the paperweight that Winston purchases in the antique shop represents the delicate little world that Winston and Julia have created for each other. Orwell states, "The coral was Julia's life and his own, fixed in a sort of eternity in the heart of the crystal." When they were alone, it created a small world of love, comfort, and protection. Another example of symbolism is the idea of Goldstein, the enemy of Oceania, being a Jew. Orwell relates the society of 1984 to the Nazi party who were also anti-Semitic and responsible for all the bad and evil things in the country. This literary device played a key role in helping me interpret the

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