The E Commerce Strategy Of Boeing

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Abstract Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace and defense company in the world. The company company employs over 165,000 individuals within the United States and has a wide span of control over 65 countries. Boeing generates over 90.8 billion in revenue with a diverse spectrum of products and services. The organizational behavior within a company such as Boeing is crucial to the company’s success. Therefore, an organizational behavior analysis, theory and applications in aviation are examined within the Boeing Company. More specifically, the aspects of leadership within the company are researched to determine their effectiveness. The organizational design or structure of Boeing is examined to ensure the efficiency and correct fit. Organizational culture and managerial roles are examined to include ethical issues within the company. Boeing on a global scale to include how the company compares to its peers is investigated. Additionally, in today’s world of technology the business concepts and strategies of many organizations must adapt to be successful. Therefore, the E-commerce strategy of Boeing is examined. Each of the aspects of organizational behavior are applied to Boeing and researched to determine if Boeing will continue to prosper as the leading aerospace and defense company in the world. Key words: Boeing, Organizational behavior Organization Behavior Analysis on Boeing Company Overview. The Boeing Company primarily designs, develops, and
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