The E Journal Of Health Informatics

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The e-Journal of Health Informatics Accountable-eHealth Systems (eJHI) is an on-line journal dedicated to the advancement of health Information and information technology in healthcare. Based in Australian it is an international open access journal with a global readership. It’s target audience is a broad spectrum of health care providers including practitioners, administrators and information systems specialists. The journal site is user friendly. The site is simple and intuitive to use. It does use a rather glaring orange colored lay-out. Previous volumes are listed to the left, in the middle current volume articles and to the topic prompts, navigation cues and so forth. The search function is top right and easy to work. Content is clearly targeted to an interested and vested audience, those who need research based, peer reviewed articles concerning medical information management. The journal is open to any viewer but promotes registration for interested professionals. All at no cost. While the journal is based in Australia and many articles reflect that countries challenges there is a concerted effort to be “global” given the issues are relevant to all healthcare systems. Interestingly there is a world map on the website that shows the locations of visitors in any given month. Not surprising USA visitors are frequent and common. I like the sites design despite the marmalade glow, it fits its purpose and has a wealth of information I can use in practice. I shall use…
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