The Early Beginnings Of The Aviation Industry

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Since the first aircraft launched from a ship, the development of commercial passenger aircraft, to jet fighters and unmanned drone systems of today’s age, “safety is paramount” is not just a catch phrase and is repeated and highlighted in every aspect of aviation in the world. Historically speaking, safety has not always been the most important factor in research, development, and operation and those tragic results often end in loss of aircraft or worse yet, the life of others. This paper will discuss the early beginnings of the aviation industry and highlight some of the more catastrophic events that lead to safety becoming a concern. It will then list and describe some of the legislative actions and regulations that have been established with the evolution of safety standards in the aviation industry. Lastly, this paper will analyze the implementation of safety programs and processes in the workplace and the safety advances in aircraft production and technological systems of airport operations. The Implementations and Impacts of Safety Oversight in the Aviation Industry From the advent of aviation into commercial cargo and passenger transport industry, keeping aircraft flying safely has been reliant on manpower and finances. Through time, too many aircraft and, most importantly, lives were being lost due to unsafe equipment and systems, non-standardized maintenance practices, and the absence of legislation and regulations to enforce standards
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