Essay about The Early Church and Romans

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Imagine Rome somewhere between 60 and 70CE – It’s a country with it’s own proud religious heritage. The romans believed their faith and loyalty in many gods had kept them in power whilst other nations had fallen at the might of Rome.
Imagine Peter preaching to the people about a single God, an almighty messiah who would come to save the world. Now think of his companion Mark writing down the stories that Peter told the people so they could be passed from generation to generation.
But though Peter was a great preacher there was a time when Peter didn’t believe - he had his epiphany in a boat in a storm on the Sea of Galilee.
The text that I chose to study is the story of this epiphany and it is the famous story of Jesus walking on the water as told by Mark 6:45-52. This story follows the feeding of the 5000 with the loaves and the fishes.
Now you would think that the disciples after witnessing such a miracle would realise that Jesus was someone special but they still did not. So Jesus needed to pull out all the stops and perform an amazing feat – he sent the disciples off into a storm and when they thought they would surely die Jesus appears walking towards them on the water and saves them from drowning. It is at this point that Peter finally realises that Jesus is the Son of God.
Research indicates that Mark’s audience were gentiles, he was trying to build the early church and therefore convince the Romans that believe in a single deity was the true way forward in life.…