The Early Days of the Christian Church: Sin and Salvation

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At the same time, the church was plagued with controversies on the nature of God and Christ. While the church worked to establish doctrine on the nature of God and, Christ a controversy arose concerning human nature. The controversy started in the 5th century when Pelagius a British spiritual director heard a bishop quote from Augustine’s Confessions. The quote stated, “Grant what you command and command what you will”. Pelagius believed the quote allowed humans to avoid taking responsibility for choosing to sin. Pelagius’ views on the nature of sin and grace not only conflicted with Augustine’s views but they conflicted with the church’s views. Prior to the controversy, the church’s main concern had been for Christians to resist evil thoughts and desires. Moreover, like Augustine the early fathers believed that Adam’s fall was the reason for human sin and death. As a result, the controversy required a response from the church on the nature of sin and grace.
Sin - Pelagian View
Although, Pelagius and Augustine agreed that evil is a product of human will they disagreed on the nature of sin and grace. Pelagius believed evil thoughts originate from the devil, which cause us to sin. In addition, he did not believe sin resulted from the fall in the Garden of Eden. In his debate with Augustine, Pelagius argued that, “Evil is not born with…
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