The Early History Of America

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American History to 1877 Last Name First Name Date The early history of America begins with the journey of Christopher Columbus in 1492, when he first discovered the lands of America along with the residing few Native people. These indigenous American Indians were a vital component of the society of the United States. Soon after 1600, the colonial culture began to start with the arrival of the European colonists from England, Spain, and France. The Spanish established their settlements in Florida, while French established themselves along the Mississippi River. Around 1770, there were about thirteen colonies established by the British people, which contained about two and a half million people. The British dominated the U.S. territories during the earlier days, since they were successful in driving the French out of North America . The 13 colonies that were formed united in a Congress, which led to armed conflict in 1775, and subsequently in 1776, the Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which was drafted by Thomas Jefferson. He mentioned that, all men in these territories are equal, and thus, he found a new nation, the United States of America. George Washington had won the Revolutionary war through large-scale military and financial support from France, and this resulted into the peace treaty of 1783, which gave the nation most of the land that was in the east of the Mississippi River. There was a convention called in Philadelphia in 1787, for
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