The Early History Of Islam

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THE EARLY HISTORY OF ISLAM Lily Grote HUM 2020: Introduction to the Humanities December 1st, 2015 The history of the Islamic religion begins in 610 C.E., with Muhammad ibn Abdallah, a merchant who every year during the month of Ramadan would “retire to a cave on the summit of Mount Hira, just outside Mecca in the Arabian Hijaz, where he prayed, fasted and gave alms to the poor.” This was a common practice for many Arabs in the peninsula. Muhammad was a merchant, a member of the tribe Quraysh which had become quite wealthy trading among bordering countries. The Quraysh were focused on accumulating more wealth but at the expense of the tribe’s poorer family groups, known as clans. A “spiritual restlessness” had become apparent among many of the Arab countries, as they knew that Judaism and Christianity were more refined than the Arab’s own pagan customs. Many Arabs began to believe that they were left out by al-Lah (the High God of their pantheon, literally meaning “the God”) because they were not sent a prophet or scripture such as Jesus, the Bible, or the Torah in that of the Christian and Jewish religions. Muhammad himself had most likely never heard of the Christian prophets. Oftentimes, the Jews and followers of Christ taunted the Arabs for not being a part of the divine plan. On the 17th day of Ramadan, 610 C.E., Muhammad awoke from his slumber by an overpowering presence that squeezed him so tightly that the word of a new Arab scripture fell from his
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