The Early Modern English Period Essay

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Early Modern English Period takes place between Middle English Period and Modern English Period. Early Modern English Period begins in the 15th century and ends in the late of 17th century. Early Modern English is used by English colonies, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. The language comes from Germanic and Anglo Frisian. In this period origins of words are Yiddish, German and Italian. William Coxton is the one of the most important man of the period because he leads in the spread of printing and making a lot of translations, he contributes communication between languages. The other important man is Shakespeare. In the 16th century reformation is occurred and in the 17th century Francis Bacon starts new science. These events have affected evolution and development of language.
In the Modern Period writer changes some words using new words instead of loan words. Sir Thoomas Elyt tries to introduce new words which are obtestation, maturity, pristinate and modesty. In this period many writers review especially Latin loans. But many Latin words accepted by people and writers did not replace any Word. Sir John Cheke makes translation and he succeeds adding a few words in English. On the other hand Ralph Lever and Nathaniel Fairfax tend to use of Latin loans in their texts.
In terms of poetic vocabulary Edmund Spenser is an important poet. After his using of some terms which are archaism and rhetoric many poets try to imitate him but they…