The Early Pioneers Of Development Theories With Modern Psychology Essay

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Lillian Siegler

W1 Assignment 3

Human Growth and Development PSY2022 SO2

Lisa Voorhees


Freud, Erickson and Piaget are some of the early pioneers of development theories with modern psychology. Sigmund Freud is a Austrian neurologist who is known for his theories and techniques with psychoanalysis. Erick Erikson is a German who was born in America and was best known for developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst for his theory based on psychosocial development within humans. Jean Piaget came from Switzerland where he studied child psychology and came to identify four stages of child development. Their work has greatly influenced psychology as a field as well as personality development studies. Freud, Erickson, and Piaget had many source of research, contributions to child development, there were many differences and similarities with their theories and the significance it had later for child development. Sigmund Freud developed over his career several theories that focused on psychosexual development and psychodynamic theory which is the study if personality through conscious and unconscious. Freuds argument was that conscious and unconscious often conflicted with one another and that life has an agreement involving the dynamic balance of different forces. Freud researched and produced that there were three different minds which included psychological aspect inheritance and present birth, the ego that provides direction when in the environment, and the
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