The Earth Is A System Response To The Climate Of The Earth

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The climate of our planet is a system response to the geography, biosphere, anthropogenic activities and occasional/cyclic geological/astronomical events.
Owing to the gigantic nature of the system, the Earth has a slow response time and manifests differently in different parts of the world. And the spatial and temporal changes are miniscule, making it difficult to comprehend the severity for an ‘uniniated’ person, since these changes can be easily lost in the noise of interannual variability. In this context, ‘uninitiated’ include every person who doesn’t actively pursue information from peer reviewed and scientifically consistent sources. For this reason, a clear and concise message needs to be sent to the ‘uninitiated’ to make them
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However, these platforms have been plagued with rampant misinformation that has been spread to attain socio-political ends. During the
Las Vegas Shooting of 2017, websites such as Google/Facebook painted the wrong person as guilty - this was attributed to the results being displayed based on popularity and recency than on veracity, serves as a fine example. The mistake has urged both Google and Facebook to enhance their fact-checking al- gorithms - by engaging more humans to review the news that has been marked controversial. Further, the individuals should be encouraged to fact-check and identify and mark hoax messages. Similarly, the news disseminating websites can be provided a rating based on the frequency and the trustworthiness of the news being published - which can be viewed by the general public. Thus, the resources should help the end-user to weed out the untrustworthy information.

Apart from the truth of the message, the content of the message should resonate with the audience. The message of climate change, though appears grim, should be given a positive spin such as, an opportunity to switch to
(de)centralized carbon-free energy sources or as an opportunity to provide clean water and clean energy. Since the responses to messages invoking emotions of fear, guilt and ignorance are denial, fatalism and apathy.

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