The Earth Is Destroying Nature

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The Earth has existed for billions of years, it is a habitable planet that supports life for billions of species. The earth is always on constant development to support the life living on earth. However, its development has been obstructed by mankind and its creations. In simple terms, mankind is destroying nature. Since the age of mankind existence, mankind has taken advantage of earth 's natural resources for their own personal gain causing an imbalance within and around the earth. Mankind have caused catastrophes around the world with the slogan “for the sake of the future” and earth is struggling to stay balanced to support life. If mankind does not become more environmentally friendly, then the Earth will become as uninhabitable as…show more content…
The first use of fossil energy was in the form of coal which was used to generate electricity for factories and cities. Slowly, mankind evolved and created vehicles using fuel to power the first automobiles. Geologist worked together with companies in search of fuel to begin the age of automobiles as a form of transportation. It was then that the drilling and burning of fossil fuels began. Since the Industrial Era companies, geologists, and scientists continue the drilling and extraction of fossil fuel around the world. However, even though mankind has realized that fossil fuels hurt the environment and atmosphere they focus on the economic and political gain. The Energy Information Administration calculated that in 2007 the primary sources of energy was based on thirty-six percent of petroleum, twenty-seven was on coal, twenty-three percent on natural gas, which calculated to eighty-six percent for fossil fuels in primary energy consumption in the world during that year. The earth has cumulatively been affected by the drilling and extracting of the crude oils causing empty passes inside of the earth. In the locations where all the oil has been extracted it leaves the geography of the area vulnerable to constant earthquakes. An example is of the recent earthquakes in Los Angeles as the epicenter was Kenneth Hahn Park which has had multiple earthquakes. Ironically, located all
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