The Earth Of Our Planet

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Earth, our home planet, is a perfectly designed system of forests, lakes and rivers, and intricate layers that all work together to form a sustainable environment that houses species beyond our count and imagination. A beautiful and complex fundamental set of ingredients form life on this planet and without one of these ingredients life would not have been possible. Like variables in an equation, everything in our planet is dependent on one another and everything combined predicts the final outcome. Everything living on this planet is in perfect balance and harmony with its natural surroundings, but since mankind emerged and advanced we have become unappreciative and greedy and turned a blind eye on nature. We have inherited a 4.5 billion year old legacy and in less than 200,000 years we have taken possession of every habitat and depleted most of its valuable resources. How did life on this beautiful planet come into being? What are the fundamental ingredients that make life on this planet possible? How did we advance so much and how is this advancement a negative thing for us? The earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago, and although there are many theories about how it was created or formed, we will never know for certain. Our planet Earth is a perfect one, capable of sustaining human and animal life, along with millions of plants and insects. The earth is in a perfect location in our solar system to be able to sustain life, conserve water in liquid form, and provide
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