The Earth is surrounded by a covering of air which we call the atmosphere.

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The Atmosphere The Earth is surrounded by a covering of air which we call the atmosphere. It reaches over 384 miles from the surface of the earth, so we can only see what occurs in the troposphere and the tropopause. Nitrogen – 78% Oxygen – 21% Argon – 1% Carbon Dioxide – 0.035% Other – 0.00253% The above information highlights what the atmosphere is composed of. It is clearly visible that Nitrogen is the dominant gas as over three quarters of the atmosphere is made up of this. It is very fortunate that Nitrogen is not a very reactive gas because if it were not, that atmosphere would be far less stable and extremely dangerous. The pie chart refers to the atmosphere…show more content…
The Earth has the so called ‘Goldilocks’ effect due to the stable conditions that are perfect for life. These conditions include a stable hydrological cycle, steady temperatures that are neither too cold or too hot, crucial gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen for life and an ozone layer which limits hazardous radiation. The ozone layer which is located above the stratosphere acts as a guard that absorbs most ultraviolet rays that enter the atmosphere. Weather is a natural occurrence that takes place in the troposphere which is also fundamental for a stable planet as precipitation is formed to produce an input for the hydrological cycle as all the evaporation from the oceans has to be condensed to keep the cycle going and this prevents our water source from quickly diminishing. The gases are furthermore important to all life. Carbon dioxide allows plant life to exist as they need this source to photosynthesise to create food therefore releasing oxygen as a waste product in which animals such as humans use to respire. Plants are vital as they are at the foundation of the food chain and the energy they produce from the carbon is passed on as animals eat the plants and this keeps life going. Human uses of the atmosphere Since the industrial revolution where factories and industry quickly grew, the gas resources contained within the atmosphere are

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