The Earth 's Major Water Source

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just how orange it is! But hey, this comes from the same species that calls people with what looks to be orange hair “red heads”. It also has some similarities to Earth, if our planet’s major water source was in the frozen polar caps and the rest of the planet looked like an orange and rockier Sahara Desert. This is probably on account to Mars’s magnetosphere. Or should I say lack of one (SOMETHING). On Earth, the magnetosphere is responsible for blocking most of the energetic radiation from hitting the surface (SOMETHING). It has been suggested that 4.5 billion years ago, Mars did too have a magnetosphere due to it having a molten core but it has since dissipated as the core cooled (SOMETHING). While there is no global magnetosphere, data…show more content…
Guzmán is particularly distraught by this as his is was looking forward to sharing all his experiences with his hometown. The Global Rally has instructed us to continue with the mission just as before but now we are to pilot the Martian colonies future habitat for ourselves. In addition, we are supposed to send back all the data that was collected while on-route to Mars. I do not particularly care for being a human guinea pig, when life gives you lemons I guess. At least we can still communicate with our families from here, though it just is not the same… I’m being told we need to get started checking on the robots, so I’ll leave it here. Azura out. Azura Mission Log: Entry 9 The robotic excavation seems to be working as they are supposed to as all the robots have gone into hibernation. It’s funny though, there are less habitats than I was expecting for 50,000 people. With the amount of space that has been excavated, you could fit maybe 1,000 people comfortably but after than it would get much too cramped. They must be planning to make more habitats while people are on-route. The insides of the habitats are spectacular though, in the sense that you get the whole “underground rave scene” vibe from the last
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