The Earthly Ministry Of Jesus Christ

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Throughout the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, the Bible shows He prayed that His followers would testify of Him to the world. In American Protestant Theology: A Historical Sketch, by Luigi Giussani and Sandro Chierici, they articulated that “the church is the means whereby Christ continues to be present, educating believers and unbelievers as to his reality as to how he is the answer to all their concerns.” The followers’ interpretation of Biblical convictions has separated them, rather than unite them as the bride of Christ. Christians are known for their differences and variances, specifically by denominations. “Protestant denominations are commonly found to correlate with a number of social and demographic variables,” pronounced Ingrid Storm and David Sloan Wilson in "Liberal and Conservative Protestant Denominations as Different Socioecological Strategies.” The different sects build on agreements and disagreements based on their interpretation of scripture.
The discrepancies lead one to speculate the explanation of a denomination, what is the big deal about denominations, the reason for denominations, denominations’ effect on God’s church, and what are the differences in the denominations? Mark A. Noll wrote The Work We Have to Do: A History of Protestants in America, he stated “Protestants in all their great variety have been an incredibly busy folk throughout the whole of American history.” Due to their attractiveness, my research topic is based on three leading…

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