The Earthquake Of Nepal Earthquake

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Earthquakes are destructive natural disasters that have the potential to occur. Earthquakes greatly impact various locations around the world. Generally, earthquakes typically only last for a few brief moments but they can greatly impact a society. One of which include the Nepal Earthquake of April 25,2015. This particular earthquake flattened large parts of the capital Kathmandu and also, caused destruction throughout the already improvised Himalayan nation. The earthquake in Nepal was the most catastrophic natural disaster in the last 80 years (News Discovery, 2015). With this in mind, the Nepal earthquake obviously has caused a tremendous amount of damage and loss. However, earthquakes are bound to take place due to Mother Nature. In order to understand the severity of the earthquake in Nepal, it is imperative to comprehend how earthquakes form. While much of the damage in Nepal could be attributed to the country’s poor infrastructure, citizens in other nations can mitigate the disastrous effects of an earthquake by becoming knowledgeable of natural disasters. Thus, this paper will explain several different aspects regarding how earthquakes form, the severity of the Nepal earthquake, and how earthquakes can be mitigated. Ultimately, to fully comprehend a specific earthquake one must know how earthquakes form as well as, how they work. An earthquake is the shaking and vibration of the Earth 's crust. This happens when two blocks of the earth suddenly slip past one another
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