The Earthquake Tsunami Of Tsunami

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Niven Setyawan
Geography 180
Physical Geography
There are many types of natural disaster that are quite deadly (earthquake, tornado, volcanic eruption, etc.). Out of all natural disaster that ever occurs on earth, I believe that tsunami is by far most interesting one out of all. The reason why tsunami is very interesting is because it can be triggered by many causes (earthquake, volcanic eruption, underwater landslide, fall of a large mass, etc.) On this research paper; I will explain what exactly is tsunami, the 2004 Sumatra tsunami, and how to predict tsunami.
Tsunami (also known as tidal wave or seismic sea wave) is a series of waves created by the displacement of water, unlike normal ocean waves which are created by
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Unfortunately, it is estimated that around 35,000 people have lost their lives and around 500,000 people have lost their homes in Sumatra (around 15000 died in India). The aftermath report reported that around 190,000 people are dead with 40,000 to 45,000 either missing or presumed dead. Even though billions of dollars of humanitarian aid have been used to help all the effected region of the tsunami disaster, some areas still have not recovered from this disaster. In 2011, an earthquake registered at the magnitude of 9.0-9.1 hit the coast of Tohoku Japan (it is recorded to be the most powerful earthquake ever hit Japan). The earthquake caused a giant tsunami waves with the highest waves measured at the heights of 133 feet. Despite of Japan’s precaution plan of Tsunami attack, the damage that the tsunami and earthquake did was very severe. The tsunami walls that Japan created around the nuclear plant has no effect because it is not a big as the tsunami waves thus resume the damage that the tsunami has set its eyes on; multiple infrastructure damage, nuclear plant damage, and severe nuclear plant radiation leak. It is estimated that around 15894 people are dead, 6152 are injured, and 2562 people are either missing or presume dead. In 2015 September 16, an earthquake registered at the magnitude of 8.3 hit the offshore of IL lapel and Chile. The tsunami waves arrived on the coast
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