The East Facade Of The Louvre

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Intro The East Façade of the Louvre was the one of most important architecture in the seventeen century. The Façade is the main entrance to the royal palace in its original proposal. However, Louis XIV, who decided to build this architecture with his finance minister, moved to the Château de Versailles as his royal palace. Nowadays, this side of the Louvre is an inconspicuous entrance of the Louvre Museum. As a palace entrance, the East Facade of the Louvre responded the traditional chateau in France by the space’s quality and its French classicism style. However, the pyramid shape of I.M.Pei’s design is too attracting the people’s attention to let people ignoring the real entrance, which is the East Facade of the Louvre, even if the East Louvre is the one of the most important architecture in the seventeenth century. Main Claim Same as traditional chateau in France, the space behind the facade still following the characteristic of traditional chateau. The pavilions on the both sides is the best evidences to prove the East Louver still follow the traditional rule of chateau in France. Beside, archaeologist found the moat in front of the East Facade of the Louvre in 1964. That also is a powerful evidence to explain the Facade is following the rule of traditional French chateau.2 On the other hand, the facade also shaped the new order of French architecture because Claude Perrault used the Facade to support his own theory and solve the span’s problem with his engineering
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