The East India Company

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They found value in crops such as indigo, salt, cotton, silk, opium and other cash crops that the barren land of Europe lacked. This would be the company that would set sail to the land of India and dominate its soil from the middle of 1700’s to the middle of the 1800’s. In a little over fifty years the East India Company was transformed from a body of traders controlling a scattered group of commercial settlements round the coasts of India into the rulers of provinces with a population popularly supposed in Britain to contain fifty or sixty million inhabitants. The Company was able to find its growth and power from wealthy merchants and aristocrats that would invest their money into the Company after seeing how successful they were becoming. A healthy amount of these wealthy investors were part of the British Parliament. This intertwined government views and beliefs with the business side of views and beliefs. With more and more backing though, the Company slowly grew a ship or two every now and then until they were a full fleet of trade ships moving massive amounts of crops. Colonies were eventually set up and the land was taken for the new Englishmen, who…
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