The East Nipissing Hospital

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The East Nipissing Hospital Topic 1 The East Nipissing Hospital establishes quality standards on which the organization sets its own standards through goals, objectives, mission, and vision. The management of the hospital makes it a necessity to inform nurses and other workers, who participate in service delivery, that the set standards of the organization are the targets and goals to be realized. In the process, of implementation of this quality plan, the hospital organization conducts routine supervision and checks to obtain vital information related to service delivery. In order to make sure that employees are up to the task and deliver whenever called upon, the organization provides motivational presents and gifts to the best performing nurses and doctors. The organization also uses the data obtained from patients or final products, routine checks, and evaluation of measures taken to determine if the organization is on the right track. The obtained data undergoes evaluation to determine the next step to be taken by the management of the organization in relation to the realization the goals, objectives, vision, and mission of the hospital. The East Nipissing Hospital adopts ISO standards as a total quality management methodology in order to ensure quality services to patients. Through the laid down mission, vision, goals, and objectives of the hospital, ISO standards methodology ensures enhanced performance within the organization. The mission and the vision of

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