The East St. Louis Race Riots

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The East St. Louis Race Riots Chloe Turner Government, Mr. Wilson, Period 1 Abstract This paper explains a very important moment in the history of our government that took place in Illinois in 1917. As World War I was beginning for the United States things were heating up in East St. Louis, Illinois. Anti-black riots killed or injured over one hundred black civilians. Then a Silent Parade of over ten thousand black citizens from New York broke out. Civil rights have always been an issue in our government, and according to, after these anti black riots, things eventually led to the development of the The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and from that, Rosa Parks did not give up her seat on the bus. The creation of the NAACP also influenced the Little Rock, Arkansas incident, Martin L. King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech, and many other things which eventually led to equal rights for everyone with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This paper will explain the riots and how it shaped our government into providing equal jobs for all races. The East St. Louis Race Riots As stated in a YouTube video from Nine Network, St. Louis back in 1917 was a place of many jobs and it was often said that if you couldn’t find work anywhere in St. Louis then you wouldn’t be able to find work anywhere else. “When World War I cut off the flow of immigrants from Eastern Europe, companies went to the American South
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