The Eastern Band Of Cherokee Indians

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The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are indigenous of parts of the Southeastern United States. They have members all the way south as Georgia and are spread out across the Appalachian mountain trail in both North and South Carolina and stretching across into Tennessee. The land in which each tribe is from has a particular way is shaping how they live and defines the important aspects of that culture. In the Eighteenth Century the Cherokee Indians were one of the most heavily populated Indian societies in the Southeastern United States. These Indians have many unique political and spiritual ideas and world views. Almost all Cherokee Indians were involuntary made to pick up and relocate to Oklahoma in the 1800’s. Some Cherokee Indian escaped the Trail of Tears by staying out of site in the Appalachian mountains. The Trail of Tears was the Cherokee name for what the Americans called Indian Removal. During the 1800 's, the US government created an "Indian Territory" in Oklahoma and forced all native american tribes to go live there. The Americans forced Cherokees to move even though many tribes did not agree to this plan. The Cherokee Indians were one of the most heavily populated of the southeast and did not agree to simply give up their land. The Cherokee Indians had been harmonious to the Americans so they inquired for some help. It was decided that the Cherokee Indians could be able to keep their land. Regardless President Andrew Jackson and his army
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